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Using a powerful template system it allows users to easily create their own templates making the possibilities endless and includes a comprehensive built-in guide to help you to write your own.



tmplat comes packed with the following predefined templates:

  • URL
  • Short
  • Anchor
  • Encoded
  • Markdown
  • BBCode
  • Selection in Markdown
Copies the URL of the current tab
Copies the shortened URL (using any of the supported services)
Copies an HTML anchor tag (<a>) with the URL and the tab's title
Copies the encoded URL (to be safely added directly in to an HTTP query)
Copies a Markdown inline link with the URL and the tab's title
Copies a BBCode URL tag ([url]) with the URL and the tab's title
Copies the current selection on the page as Markdown


With just the click of a button you can quickly and easily add all the information you want directly to your system clipboard without any formatting, saving you lots of time with those tedious tasks.

Coupled with support for keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus makes accessing to your favourite templates even easier and faster. The unique and simple options page empowers you with full control over how tmplat behaves and management over your templates.


URL shortening services have become common practise due to the popularity of micro-blogging, so tmplat comes prepared with support for these popular services:

Link to your account to allow tracking on your timeline
Login to your Google account to allow tracking on
Link to any custom YOURLS installations


We know it can be daunting for some of you when you see those warnings when installing new extensions and apps, so we put together a detailed breakdown of all the permissions tmplat requires (even those you aren't warned about) and explained why.



We're always updating tmplat, trying to make it the absolute best it can be. Version 1.2.9 has come along way since the first release and we're hoping to take it even farther.


Need Help?

If you have any problems with this extension, or would like to give us your feedback, or want to request something completely new, we always welcome feedback through our dedicated help desk.

If you get stuck creating your own templates you should read the guide within the options page which is also available online.

Help Desk


If you want you get learn how tmplat works you can take a look at the source code documentation for the latest version.

Still want to know more? Feel free to follow us on Twitter, @tmplat. However, I recommend that everyone makes our frequently asked questions their starting point for all enquiries.



Currently, tmplat is only supported on Chrome but is planned to be rolled out to all modern browsers after the next big release (as we've got a lot planned).